B&ES: “BIM is absolutely the way forward, driving the use of off-site fabrication”

Credit: Jim Mercer
Credit: Jim Mercer

The Building & Engineering Services Association (B&ES) believe pre-fabrication techniques alongside Building Information Modelling implementation are the way forward to combat a skills shortage in construction.

B&ES President Jim Marner spoke to Modern Building Services and suggested that BIM and pre-fabrication are no longer treated as options to his collective. Marner is also Business Development Director for Shepherd Engineering Services (SES) and in their mindset, these processes are the way that they work and they want others to follow suit.

“M&E design and install is now a million miles away from how we used to do things,” stated Marner. “BIM is absolutely the way forward because it is driving the use of off-site fabrication, which allows us to put projects together like a jigsaw.

“We don’t give builders the option anymore; this is the way we do things as a business. When you buy a car you expect it to look brand new, but when we hand over a building it often looks like someone has been kicking it around. Off-site fabrication is the way to present a far better finished product.”

The complete article features insight on further benefits of pre-fabrication and can be found here.

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