Australia’s ACIF: “The power of BIM to revolutionise asset management is only just being realised”

Credit: Design Build Expo
Credit: Design Build Expo

The CEO of the Australian Construction Industry Forum (ACIF) has called for architects to embrace Building Information Modelling to win back their role as a trusted adviser to clients, who want predictability “above all else”.

Peter Barda has blogged about changes within the construction industry he has not been particularly fond of, looking at how BIM implementation can rectify them. He writes: “A key change to industry standard and other construction contracts – argued for by clients from the late 1980s onwards, and fiercely opposed by representatives of the profession – was the splitting of the role of the architect as both contract administrator and adjudicator.

“The resistance of the profession to splitting the roles, leaving the architect to design and document, was in my view a mistake. Architects had then an opportunity to recast how contracts were administered to split out the adjudication role, leaving them to administer contracts. By not doing so, they encouraged project managers to market themselves as impartial contract administrators and adjudicators.

“This degrading of the role of architects was accentuated with the introduction and widespread adoption of design-and-construct contracts. Sorry architects, but you’ve been commoditised.”

How can BIM implementation allow architects to win back a position that they once had. Barda believes that it is down to BIM’s ability to manage and transform the entire lifecycle of a project, ensuring clients that their outcomes can be fulfilled.

“There’s one thing a client wants above all else, it’s predictability. BIM, when applied comprehensively from option development to asset management, has the capacity to provide clients with long-term surety of outcomes,” explained Peter. “The power of BIM to revolutionise asset management is only just being realised.

“[BIM is] the perfect twenty-first century Trojan horse, enabling the reinsperson to quietly and persuasively show clients there is a better way to deliver predictable outcomes. Who should be the trusted, principal advisor in charge of this tool? You. Go get that role back.”

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