April 4th, 2016: Official date set for UK Government mandate

Credit: Twitter (@ACKEMPO)
Credit: Twitter (@ACKEMPO)

Announced at ICE BIM 2015 and reaffirmed at Digital Construction Week, the official date in which the UK Government’s Building Information Modelling mandate will come into effect has been disclosed.

April 4th, 2016 is the first day that centrally procured public sector projects will require the implementation of BIM at Level 2. In addition, centrally funded government departments will be required to provide “clear and complete” EIRs with all contracts.

Also launching on April 4th will be a new dedicated website (www.Level2BIM.org) filled with Level 2 guidance, documentation and materials that will support industry. The BIM Task Group will also continue to provide assistance to industry.

In addition to the first timeframe, another date for the calendar was announced. October 3rd, 2016 will mark each government department’s capability to “electronically validate BIM information delivered from the supply chain”.

Further comment on the deadlines has come from The BIM Task Group’s Mark Bew. He told Infrastructure Intelligence: “Because we have met the April date we now want to start to drive the quality of data up. It is all very well pushing data at each other but if that data is rubbish then what is the point?

“The stretch target will be some kind of requirement around electronic validation capability a year from now. It is the future and linked to an research project where we started to understand how we can check data electronically. These tools are now available so we need to develop the techniques and pass them down into the supply chain.”

What does industry make of the announcement? We rounded up some opinions on the journey towards April 4th and October 3rd.


What do more professional make of the mandate start date and what do you want to see as the industry’s next step to take? We will be publishing audio interviews conducted at Digital Construction Week 2015 next week that answer that very question.

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