Woolpert utilising BIM on $21 million Atwood Lake Park project

Credit: Atwood Lake Park
Credit: Atwood Lake Park

Design, geospatial and infrastructure management firm Woolpert have shared exclusive comment with BIMcrunch about their latest Building Information Modelling venture worth $21 million.

The Ohio, US-based practice recently began design and construction support work on Atwood Lake Park, which includes the renovation of existing campgrounds whilst also developing new ones. The Welcome Center will also be revamped, as will an amphitheatre, beaches, fishing docks and roadways. Additional new features include picnic sites, a playground, shower houses and a zipline wire.

Woolpert’s Project Director, James Dobrozsi told BIMcrunch: “All elements of the detailed design of the project will be completed in BIM software. The horizontal features of the design, such as campsites, parking, roadways and walkways will be prepared in Civil 3D and all features of the vertical design, such as buildings and structures will be completed in Revit 3D software. The 3D software will be used for coordination of elements and presentation of the design to the client.”

Work on the Welcome Center has already begun, and it is scheduled for a March 2016 opening. Meanwhile, the campgrounds work is yet to start, and is forecast to be completed in 2022.

For more information on the Atwood Lake Park work carried out by Woolpert, read the official press release here. They can also be reached on Twitter – @Woolpert.

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