WATCH – The B1M talk 5D BIM in latest video

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The B1M‘s latest visual looks at defining 5D BIM and how it doesn’t spell the end of existence for cost managers and quantity surveyors!

The five minute, 29 second clip features Fred Mills clarifying the meaning of 5D BIM and how actually, cost managers are now more important than ever before, dispelling a common myth that a BIM process may eradicate them from the project lifecycle.

“Cost Managers – whether they’re Estimators or QSs – are essential for validation, because not everything in a building information model is going to be right. Not everything is always modelled in 3D and there can be a lot of 2D information used. Some elements aren’t even modelled at all. Added to that is the fact that different graphical models may classify things differently. This all needs clarifying by the Cost Manager.”

Mills reassures those cost managers towards the end of the video that despite thinking that they may no longer be relevant, they most certainly are, and deserve a pay rise!

“For cost managers, 5D BIM means less work for you, but please don’t panic and think that less work is going to translate into downsizing. It is less work, but done more often.”

Watch this week’s instalment from The B1M below.

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