WATCH – The B1M & BaseStone unveil first instalment of D-Construct tech review show

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Time certainly has flown by since we exclusively announced The B1M and BaseStone‘s new technology review video series, D-Construct. Fast forward a month and a half and the first episode has been released.

One of the The B1M’s Co-Founders, Tom Payne will be joined by BaseStone CEO, Alex Siljanovski and BaseStone CTO, Simon McCabe each episode. The trio will look take an in-depth look at a technology product centred about a particular theme, with a special guest matching that topic too.

The Internet of Things was the talking point of the inaugural visual, which was a fun and highly engaging discussion that sits nicely alongside The B1M’s diverse roster of video content that includes piece-to-camera explanatory videos, documentaries, conference recordings and social media use for BIM.

Regarding how the Internet of Things can link with BIM, Simon said (pun not intended): “It is full lifecycle asset information, so going from the point of construction and even pre-construction so we pre-build our pieces for construction off-site which is happening a lot more.

“Even for bespoke projects like Crossrail and big industrial projects whereas you might have had those before on large office blocks, precast concrete blocks; these have been built off-site, put a number of sensors put into them but you have to tag that to the asset so that you know where the data came from and it gets put into the building and you continue to have that asset information.

“If you continue to query that over the lifecycle of the project you have information about how that was built and how it was maintained. So it is connecting into BIM in a sense of you need to know what asset that relates to for the model monitoring that asset going forward and then also feeding that back to the construction process.”

Episode One also features an interview with tech start-up Converge‘s Co-Founder, Gideon Farrell. He discusses his company’s latest data analytics product and the D-Construct team put it in a blender. All will be explained when you watch below!

BaseStone will be in the spotlight again very shortly when they host their BIMcrunch partnered Digital Construction Week fringe event, CONSTRUCT//DISRUPT 2. More information on that can be found by clicking here.

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