WATCH – #SocialBIM Series 2, Episode 3: “Mistakes are good, because mistakes mean learning”

Credit: The B1M, RIBA
Credit: The B1M, RIBA

The latest video from The B1M has been released, and this week’s clip is third episode of #SocialBIM Season 2 with Su Butcher.

The Just Practising Social Strategist is back in-front of the camera, this time talking about mistakes and how “mistakes are good, because mistakes mean learning”!

“When we’re looking to implement BIM, we’ll be working more closely with other professionals and we may want to avoid showing up any lack of knowledge that we have,” explains Su in the clip. “If we really want to implement collaborative working, we actually have to measure our successes which means admitting to our mistakes and owning up to them.”

Elaborating on this notion with an example, Butcher continues: “The new 2013 RIBA Plan of Work has an eighth stage called “in-use” which makes the connection between the construction project and the built asset. In fact, the Plan of Work is not described as an on-going circle which makes the point about the evaluation of the project leading on to better projects in the future. That means we have to learn from our mistakes.”

Watch the video below to see Su’s full insight into mistakes. The ending to the video also ironically showcases Su’s very own mistakes when recording the video!

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