WATCH – GeoBuiz talk BIM with Deke Smith: “We’re really not capturing much metadata yet”

Credit: Deke Smith
Credit: Deke Smith

Geospatial Media‘s video channel GeoBuiz recently conducted an interview with former Executive Director for buildingSMART Alliance in the United States, Deke Smith and Building Information Modelling trends were on the agenda.

One of the major talking points of the interview is how BIM can really aid the legal side of construction, helping define and illustrate who did what and when within a project. Smith believes more needs to be done regarding this; there is a real chance to improve an element of each and every project yet the trigger hasn’t quite been pulled.

“I think that is one of the areas that in the BIM world we haven’t made as much progress in as the GIS world”, explained Deke. “Years ago, they [GIS] decided they needed metadata – data about the data – and we’re really not capturing much of that metadata yet. Interestingly enough, the software programs do support it, and as the software vendors say ‘No-one has asked us to turn it on yet!’

“And I agree with the whole legal aspect too. I think it’d be good in that we can identify people who aren’t performing. I think we just need to move into the information age.”

Another highly interesting note from the chat was the cope of BIM adoption so far in the United States – how many commercial buildings has BIM adoption affected? There is still a long way to go according to Deke. Discussing BIM for FM and utilising BIM for existing buildings too, Smith said: “One of the big areas is we can produce hundreds of thousands of bits of information and what information does need to get turned over to the facility manager? What can the facility manager deal with today and what can they potentially be able to deal with in the future?

“Unfortunately to date, of the commercial facilities of which there are some five million in the United States, we’ve only affected about 6/10ths of 1% of all those facilities so far.”

The full interview is over 40 minutes in length and can be viewed in its entirety below.

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