WATCH – BRE’s Oakley and Rossiter talk BIM in New Zealand with BRANZ

Dan Rossiter and Paul Oakley

Earlier this month, we published our Q&A with Dan Rossiter of BRE Academy, one of BRE‘s professionals who recently conducted Building Information Modelling training workshops in New Zealand. Today, a video interview featuring him and colleague Paul Oakley filmed during their time in the #BIMANZ region has been published.

Rossiter, who is BIM Consulting/Training Manager for the business and ‎Associate Director BIM, Oakley sat down with research, testing and information firm BRANZ for the chat, the company they partnered with to make their workshops a reality.

In the 12-minute clip, BIM2050 member Rossiter discusses New Zealand’s “need for common language”. Elaborating on how the BRE’s experience has been in NZ, Dan explained: “A lot of the right questions are being asked. A lot of it has been about the process which is really great. We have seen in a lot of places, not just the UK but internationally a lot of the talk has been about the technology and the software.

“The concern here seems to be about process and a consistent thing we’ve heard is for this need for common language. One thing that has been great about the New Zealand BIM Handbook is that it has defined terminologies in it so it has been a great tool to start that common language part of the process.”

Oakley also praised the handbook, suggesting that its existence is a main reason for New Zealand being as ‘far down the road’ as they are when it comes to BIM: “[The New Zealand BIM Handbook] takes on a lot of the best practice from other guidance documents that have been developed around the world. As a general framework, there’s been a lot of good work already carried out.”

Watch the entire interview below.

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