United Arab Emirates “beginning to understand the [BIM] technology better”, says Trimble

Credit: Construction Week Online
Credit: Construction Week Online

The Regional Director for the Middle East, Africa and India at Trimble has praised the United Arab Emirates for pushing BIM adoption and living by mandatory standards.

Peter Hedlund spoke with Construction Week Online about how BIM is a leading example of how the UAE are increasing their implementation of newer construction technologies and process: “Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a big shift. Look at building information modelling (BIM); the whole industry is talking about it and it means something to everybody. Are people good at utilising BIM? Well, there is still room for improvement. However, the region is getting there.

Furthermore, Hedlund went to elaborate that Dubai have impressed him the most with the Dubai Municipality‘s mandate, noting that they have “implemented and understood” the benefits. He said: “What’s more interesting to me is that you now see local developers and authorities mandating its use. They are beginning to understand the technology better, and the benefits that it offers.

“Dubai Municipality, for instance, recently updated its BIM mandate. This is great news; the industry now needs to live by these standards. They must be implemented and understood.”

Hedlund went on to discuss the Dubai Multi Commodities Centre, a major building stakeholder. He praised their forward-thinking efforts, as an example of a project partner that are actively pursuing 5D BIM and utilising data asset and facilities management.

Read his comments on the above topic here, where you can also read the rest of the fantastic Q&A.

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