Turner Construction utilising drones with BIM for Californian basketball stadium

Render of the proposed stadium. Credit: Sacramento Kings
Render of the proposed stadium. Credit: Sacramento Kings

Building Information Modelling is being utilised in conjunction with drones on the development of a new US basketball stadium in Sacramento, California.

Back in late August, MIT Technology Review looked at the project, and it was noted how drones are being used to capture video footage showcasing progress of the construction. The original report from MIT explained that the drone video footage would be converted into a 3D model to “highlight at-risk locations on site”.

Through new comments made this month, we now know the full extent of how the visuals picked up by the drones are being used.

Turner Construction are one of the project partners helping build the new arena for the Sacramento Kings, and they have released comment to Scottish Construction Now about their involvement.

“We are supporting and advancing research into tools that track overall progress of construction,” explained Turner Construction in a statement. “As part of that research, we are taking the video and still images we have of the project [taken from the drones] to create a 3D image of the project. We are then able to compare that model with the BIM model to efficiently and comprehensively analyse overall progress on the project.”

For more information on this exciting project, and problematic implications the use of drones could lead to, visit the source articles: MIT Technology Review report | Scottish Construction Now article

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