Teesside University’s Nashwan Dawood: “Any company which is not BIM-ready will lose out”

Credit: UBM
Credit: UBM

The Director of Teesside University’s Technology Futures Institute has called on the United Kingdom‘s AEC businesses to adopt BIM and “stay in step with the rest of the world”, otherwise they will lose out.

Professor Nashwan Dawood spoke with Business Quarter and explained what BIM is, the positive impact its implementation has, and how Teesside University have been influential in the UK by driving forward BIM Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs).

Elsewhere in the interview, he offered stark advice to those who are not yet BIM-ready: “As the public sector moves towards full BIM compliance, it is likely to that the private sector will follow suit. In short, this means that any company which is not BIM-ready will lose out.

“It’s also very important for British companies to adopt BIM in order to stay in step with the rest of the world. Countries across the world are all waking up to the inherent possibilities of BIM. At Teesside University, as well as Qatar, my colleagues and I have been involved in projects across the world from South America to the Far East to the USA. The world is waking up to the possibilities of BIM and it is vital that the UK remains ahead of this trend.”

BIMcrunch have covered news of Teesside University’s KTPs in the past, as we have featured the tremendous significance those initiatives have had on the BIM developments of Newcastle-based firms Colour Urban Design and Ryder Architecture. We also interviewed Henry Fenby-Taylor about his KTP experience with Colour in an episode of Crunch Time.

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