AUDIO – Su Butcher on BIM knowledge: “Video is just perfect for sharing those ideas”

Credit: RICS
Credit: RICS

Su Butcher, the Social Strategist of Just Practising has taken part in a podcast, discussing her role within the Building Information Modelling community and how social media can of use to those practicing BIM.

Playd Studio‘s Create More Podcast with Ben Stuart welcomed Su for a one hour and 16 minute episode, with topics including live tweeting at events and the value of that, the origins of Just Practising, the power of blogging, company concerns with staff using social media, and more.

One of the topics was Su’s collaboration with The B1M, in particular the most recent episode of #SocialBIM related to sharing and how there is nothing wrong with sharing content for free. Discussing her involvement working with Fred and Tom, she said: “[Sharing content for free] is a very different way of thinking about building. It requires us to change the way we that we work as professionals, break down silos and be more collaborative generally.

“There’s a lot of misinformation about it [BIM]. There are plenty of people who know nothing about BIM and a small group of people who know a lot so video is just perfect for sharing those ideas.”

Listen to Ben Stuart’s interview with Su by clicking here. Their conversation arrives at the topic of BIM at around the one hour mark.

Watch a playlist of all of #SocialBIM‘s 8 episodes below.

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