#SocialBIM: “Sharing information is absolutely essential to doing business today”

 Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Do you care about the growth of your business? If you do, then you may want to increase ways in which your information can be shared. Sharing really is caring.

The simplistic notion above is the message of the latest #SocialBIM video from The B1M. Host Su Butcher, Social Strategist at Just Practising believes that “sharing information is absolutely essential to doing business today” and that “the benefit of sharing is visibility”; whilst you may be concerned about what people may do with the information you share, your competitors already know what you are doing anyway. If you don’t share data that your clients want, they won’t be your clients for much longer.

In the video, Butcher discusses her work on the BIM4M2 working group, and how product manufacturers are often reluctant to get started with BIM as they feel that their intellectual property could be misused, putting them at a commercial disadvantage. Spinning that thought on its head, Su thinks that the only way BIM manufacturers will be at a disadvantage is a) when their competitors are more open with the potential client base and give them the information they need first, and b) when they don’t compare their products with those of other suppliers and are not innovating. Failing to share and failure to innovate will lead to less business.

Su also gives an example of specification sharing, discusses ownership and the information economy, and the need to stop resisting sharing and actually embrace it instead. Watch the final episode in Season 2 below.

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