Scottish BIM Delivery Group launch event set for October 8th

Credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)
Credit: Simon Dawson/Bloomberg)

The Chairman of the Scottish BIM Delivery Group (BIM DG) has confirmed when the faction’s official launch event is going to be held.

Professor David Philp, Head of BIM at the UK BIM Task Group and Director BIM – EMEA at AECOM expressed his thoughts on Scotland’s Building Information Modelling future in an article published in The Scotsman.

David’s position at the helm of the BIM DG is an incredibly important position, as under his leadership, Scotland will be guided towards Level 2 implementation of BIM on all public sector projects by April 2017, one year after the UK Government’s mandate of a similar nature comes into effect.

The Scottish BIM Delivery Group was set up in association with the Scottish Futures Trust and Scottish Government to ensure that Scotland reaches its end goal of moving “towards a digital built environment, with BIM featuring as a key part for the future”.

In addition to the BIM DG being established, a BIM Supplier Group Scotland network has also been born, a forum comprising of dedicated industry bodies, institutes and supply-side organisations. This will allow the professionals within those groups to have their say on how to shape Scotland’s future within the global construction game.

In David’s opinion piece, he explains when the Scottish BIM Delivery Group’s objectives will be detailed in greater detail: “A formal launch event is taking place in Edinburgh on 8 October, by which time the first stage will have been reached and the programme and its core objectives can be shared with industry. In the meantime, a series of launch workshops are being facilitated to determine BIM capability and capacity within the Scottish public sector.”

We may also here more about the BIM pilot projects that the BIM DG will be testing out so that Scottish businesses have examples of adoption success closer to their doorsteps to reflect upon. More details on informative workshops that will educate those who need help will also be disclosed.

View David’s full thoughts here.

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