Robert Bird Group ponders the role of structural engineers in the next five years

Logo Credit: Robert Bird Group
Logo Credit: Robert Bird Group

A Structural Engineer at Robert Bird Group hopes for his profession to have “more of a direct impact” on Building Information Modelling processes within the next half a decade.

In an interview with New Civil Engineer, Sam Walton expresses his belief that structural engineers need an increased level of involvement within BIM projects, and to come in at an earlier stage to make the aforementioned impact.

Asked if he sees his role changing in the next five years, he said: “I would hope that the engineer has more of a direct impact with the BIM process where modelling is done in 3D and analytical information can be directly pulled out and used to immediately validate design.”

On another five-related note, Sam feels that the role he now occupies was not around five years ago, showing that the realm of structural engineering is evolving dramatically due to BIM’s influence. He explained: “With more and more projects now utilising BIM, I would say that the role that I play within my team did not exist five years ago.

“The jobs that I work on are normally BIM-oriented, where all design is coordinated in 3D environment using Revit. As an ex-draftsperson, I am able to interrogate and amend Revit models with an up-to-date structural design, a role not may engineers can carry out.”

Read Sam’s full interview with New Civil Engineer by clicking here.

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