Press Release: Up-scaling BIM to area and city level to be discussed at BRE Cities Convention

Logo Credit: Landmark
Logo Credit: Landmark

As a lead Sponsor of the forthcoming BRE Cities Convention event, Landmark Information Group, the UK’s leading supplier of digital mapping, property and environmental risk information, will be delivering insight to town planners, architects and developers on the key constraints that challenge the development of ‘connected buildings and cities’ and how quality data can resolve them.

The Cities Convention, which is an event hosted by BRE, invites delegates from town planners, developers, architectural practices, urban regeneration, local government and building services organisations, to address and debate a range of issues related to the role of data intelligence in improving town and urban planning, in addition to the design of people-centred, sustainable and resilient built environment.

During the convention, Landmark’s Chris Loaring and William Kirk will host a joint workshop that aims to recognise the pivotal role of development in shaping connected cities. The interactive session will explore the constraints to developing connected buildings and cities, how they interact, should be prioritised and the key role of data in this process. Delegates will leave with a clear picture of the key constraints in developing connected buildings and cities, how they interact and can be weighted, and the role good quality data plays in overcoming them.

Commenting on the forthcoming convention, Chris Loaring, Commercial Manager (Argyll Environmental) said: “The BRE Cities Convention is a must-visit for any professional involved in designing, planning and developing the cities or our future. Delegates will understand how data can help better planning of people-centred cities, how big data will transform BIM from focusing solely on individual buildings to instead encapsulate city-level plans, as well as learn about new and emerging solutions. As presentation sponsor, the team from Landmark look forward to meeting delegates and to actively debating the way in which data will help transform the way our towns and cities evolve and grow over the coming years.”

The BRE has recorded a video interview of William Kirk, head of asset management of Landmark, explaining how land, property and infrastructure data is being used today and what the future potential looks like, can be viewed here.

The full schedule includes speakers from across the industry who will be covering a range of topics, including:
• The need for interoperability in the ‘BIG’ data environment’
• Data and spatial modelling technologies for better planning decisions
• The Greater London Authority’s approach to data
• IoT policy – what it means for towns, cities and developments
• Scaling up open data at the city scale
• The pivotal role of development in shaping connected cities
• Developing an interoperable smart ecosystems
BIM Level 3: up-scaling BIM to area and city level
• Using data mapping to inform healthy urban planning and design
• Environmental data exchange – what it is and opportunities for planners and designers

For more information regarding the Convention, visit To take advantage of a current 20% booking discount on the full delegate rate, click here and use the discount code: SKVIP.

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