Peter Cheney: BIM success “everything to do with the organisation within your organisation”

Credit: Construction Week Online
Credit: Construction Week Online

The chairman of cost estimation and project management business Construction Computer Software (CCS) has spoken about how Building Information Modelling has transformed the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region of the Middle East, allowing it become “more and more integrated”.

Peter Cheney‘s company operates in the region and they track “the initial asset investment throughout the planning, feasibility, and project stage”. He spoke with Construction Week Online about BIM’s impact and who can implement it. He said: “With innovations such as Building Information Modelling (BIM) and similar technologies, the GCC construction environment is becoming more and more integrated.

“Information that is made available by the professional team moves through the contractor all the way through the as-built and lifecycle cost of the project in question. All of this is coming together now.”

When questioned on whether just large companies are equipped to utilise BIM, Cheney was quite direct in his answer: “Not at all. Smaller contractors can and do make use of these tools. Again, it has very little to do with the size of your organisation and everything to do with the organisation within your organisation. Because let’s face it, all contractors should do exactly the same thing when it comes to the information they require.

“When you deliver a project, you only get one stab at delivery. You can’t go back and try again. Whether large or small, the procedures and processes that contractors should have in place are all the same.”

The full interview with Construction Computer Software is available to read by clicking here.

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