Malaysia’s Construction Industry Development Board considering BIM mandate

Logo Credit: CIDB Malaysia
Logo Credit: CIDB Malaysia

Malaysia are considering following in Singapore and the United Kingdom‘s footsteps by issuing a Building Information Modelling mandate, that’s according to a Malaysian publication.

The Star reports that Construction Industry Development Board CEO, Datuk Seri Dr. Judin Abdul Karim and the rest of his team are “thinking of how to make [BIM] used more in the industry”, and making BIM mandatory might be a step they need to take.

“[BIM] is something that is gaining popularity, especially in the more developed countries, and some are making it mandatory. We are thinking of how to make [BIM] used more in the industry, and in the future, possibly making it mandatory.”

Karim also explained that the CIDB are constantly thinking about BIM development also, and they are liaising with the Master Builders and the Association of Architects about setting up a BIM training centre.

“We can invest in the software and provide the training. The people we train will then provide the BIM service for builders at an affordable rate,” explained Karim.

The full article can be found at this link.

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