Lithuanian Government report proposes BIM usage to combat low productivity


A report issued by the Lithuanian Government has highlighted the impact Building Information Modelling has had in foreign construction industries and speculated how its implementation in Lithuania may help improve the country’s fortunes.

Verslo Zinios reports that the government launched the country’s construction digitisation initiative on Monday (September 28th, 2015) and has called on interested organisations to submit their proposals for how best to better their construction sector.

Kestutis Trečiokas, the Minister for Environment explains in the report that Lithuania’s labour productivity is only 52% of that of the EU average, and reasons for Lithuanian’s misfortune include “faulty construction projects, inadequate work planning and organization, staff skills shortage, inadequate construction methods and poor quality of work”.

The report then elaborated: “Foreign experience shows that in order to avoid discrepancies, the most popular digital solutions in recent years [are] Building Information Modelling methods.”

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