Launch of new projects in Brazil falls by 18%: “Now is really the time to reinvent” says Autodesk

Paul Sullivan

Tech Trends Evangelist for Autodesk in Latin America, Paul Sullivan has blogged on a “severe crisis” within Brazil, calling on the nation to “rethink processes in construction” as it “needs to reinvent itself”.

Paul’s piece for Brazilian website Segs makes light of drastic declines in construction fortune for Brazil; the profitability of the nation fell to 2% last year, 480,000 layoffs have been made already in 2015, and the launch of new projects fell by 18%. “With this scenario it is clear that the industry needs to reinvent itself”, notes Paul, and he believes BIM is the answer.

Sullivan explains: “The point is that most construction companies in Brazil have used the same processes for at least 30 years. Thus, it is common (and even expected) that there are problems during construction. It is about time that construction companies and architectural firms review the design and management processes when planning a new venture. One way to rethink the management of the work is the implementation of BIM.”

The New Hampshire native says that although some firms are utilising BIM, more needs to be done: “The adoption of BIM in Brazil is not new but few are using in full swing. Now is really the time to reinvent. The scene opens to a more competitive field. Investment in a time of crisis is not easy but it is an important port to cross [for those] construction and architectural firms [wanting to] offer innovation and quality.”

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