Henry Fenby-Taylor’s “BIM for Landscape” to be released in March 2016?

Credit: Colour UDL
Credit: Colour UDL

Will the Landscape Institute-backed BIM for Landscape book be released in March?

Henry Fenby-Taylor‘s eagerly anticipated publication was announced back in November 2014. The BIM2050 Group member was approached by the LI after showcasing that he was “conversant with the intricacies of BIM and how it can and will be applied to landscape”.

Henry – Landscape BIM System Designer at Colour Urban Design – could not disclose the release date when we spoke to him back in April, and that much-awaited timeframe has still not been revealed… until today? Here at BIMcrunch, we did a little investigating to see if we could find out any more information on the upcoming title.

On Amazon, a book is listed entitled BIM for Landscape Architecture and is priced at £49.99 with a release date of March 1st, 2016. Whilst the title is slightly different, the wording in a tweet from Henry suggests that perhaps this could be the same book.

Looking further, the listing states that the publisher is Routledge. An article published late last year from the Landscape Institute gave a tentative early 2016 release date (which matches the Amazon listing) yet listed a different publisher – Taylor & Francis. Closer probing would lead people to find out that Routledge is part of the Taylor & Francis group. The facts certainly seem to be falling into place.

We reached out to Henry for comment, and whilst he remained tight-lipped on a specific release date, he told us: “The book has evolved hugely over the last few months, all due credit goes to Lesley Malone who has done an excellent job editing this book to make it readable and still informative. I’m really excited to be making the final tweaks bringing the book together in its final stages.”

There is certainly a lot of evidence to support that Henry’s book is set for a March release date, but we will have to wait a little longer to find out officially from the Landscape Institute. Until then, let the speculation continue.

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