GRO Architects’ Richard Garber talks Build New York Live judging

Credit: GRO Architects
Credit: GRO Architects

One of the judges for the upcoming Build New York Live design competition has commented further on his involvement in the initiative.

Asite‘s BIM collaboration contest will see Richard Garber of GRO Architects preside over the contestants’ entries, which will see them have 48 hours to model a building designed for a specific area in New York City. BIMcrunch has so far cast spotlight on four of the teams taking part, with professionals involved hailing from the likes of the Dominican Republic and Japan. Those profiles can be viewed here: Day 1 | Day 2

Commenting on his appointment to the panel of judges, Garber told the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT): “Build NY Live seemed like a good fit, as their goal is fairly consistent to my thoughts on Building Information Modeling (BIM) used both in the classroom as well as professionally. BIM is not simply a new ‘tool’ to make architects more efficient, it has the power to radically change the way we design and ultimately deliver buildings.

Partner at GRO, Richard also said that Build NY Live was “a good opportunity to see how locals are teaming up with others beyond our region virtually to find new ways of using BIM”.

Garber also discussed his role as Director of the New Jersey College of Architecture and Design, and the importance of including new digital tools within the curriculum at NJIT. He said: “We have sought to identify and connect digital tools and techniques with new curricular goals. Starting in [the] first year, students are learning how to precisely execute their design ideas virtually.

“It’s my goal that each of our students leaves with the confidence and technical knowledge to imagine novel design solutions and deliver them as buildings.”

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