Exclusive – Elaine Lewis on BIM accreditation: “I’d rather people spend their time on getting a good process internally”

BIM QT Elaine

Later this week, Managing Director of Cadventure, Elaine Lewis will be BIMcrunch’s latest interviewee in our Crunch Time audio series.

Next Thursday (September 10th, 2015), BIM, Information Management and CAD solutions provider Cadventure will host BIM Question Time, an event that will see a wide variety of professionals from different sized organisations and disciplines debate BIM vendor solutions and the interoperability between them.

This event is not about championing one BIM software platform over another; it is about learning how these market competitors can be linked together for the benefit of a project’s success.

In a preview to this Friday’s Crunch Time, BIMcrunch Editor Jack White asks Elaine about BIM accreditation and standardisation, another hot topic that will the subject of much discussion at BIM Question Time, a talk that will be chaired and steered by David Philp.

When asked if there is too much emphasis placed on accreditation, Elaine responded: “I think it is more important that people are confident and comfortable, that they have adopted a good rigorous process and good training and understanding of what they should be doing.

“But it is also good to benchmark yourselves against what other people are doing. It’s a difficult one because these measures can be quite expensive.”

Listen to the snippet below.

Join us on Friday to listen to our interview with Elaine Lewis in its entirety, a conversation featuring Elaine talking about the unbiased nature of BIM Question Time, the importance of businesses knowing why they want to adopt BIM, and swapping David Dimbleby for David Philp!

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