Director of Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas: BIM ensuring “the ‘oilman of tomorrow’ is a very different professional”

Credit: The Astana Times
Credit: The Astana Times

The General Director of the Kazakh Institute of Oil and Gas (or KING) has explained that the company “are transforming what a conventional design engineer’s workplace used to be” due to the relevance of technologies growing in popularity such as Building Information Modelling.

Speaking with The Astana Times, Dastan Kozhabekov explained that what is required of the “oilman of tomorrow” will be vastly different to what one has to deal with in today’s market. Changes in technology mean that the industry (worldwide as well as in Kazakhstan) is diversifying, with professionals needing more skills, such as knowhow related to BIM.

“We should all understand that the “oilman of tomorrow” is a very different kind of a professional who is very advanced with IT technologies”, explained Kozhabekov. “Digital oilfield systems, wireless sensors which not only collect the information but also process it in real time and other information technology applications are becoming more and more of an everyday reality in the Kazakh oil and gas industry.

“KING is staying on top of this trend; we are transforming what a conventional design engineer’s workplace used to be. Applying cloud computing to design activities, using parametric modelling and BIM-technologies allow us to stay up-to-date and keep the quality at a very high level.”

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