coBuilder launch new UK website, objectives outlined

Credit: coBuilder
Credit: coBuilder

coBuilder UK have launched their brand new website, explaining their goals for the UK market in the process.

coBuilder UK CEO, Nick Tune took to Twitter to announce the launch, a development that has been in the works for some time. We made note of Tune’s appointment back in April and now his division of coBuilder have the perfect web platform to proclaim why their solutions can help achieve “absolute data control” for users.

The website’s homepage features three large visual elements below the toolbar, each giving a little more information about how coBuilder’s network of products can be of use to everyone from manufacturers to merchants to facilities managers. Those aforementioned products are then listed below.

coBuilder believe they are a “visionary and a first-mover in transforming complex technologies into practical and time-saving solutions for the industry”. They also state their mission statement:

“coBuilder’s mission is to facilitate collaboration between the different actors within the construction process, based on structured, accurate data. This is why, we have identified a strong need for systems that make use of modern technologies such as BIM to connect and exchange information along the supply chain, helping our clients’ businesses grow together in seamless information synergy.

“Our products are designed to increase our clients’ competitiveness by aiding them to advance in the implementation of openBIM in their operations. No longer just a buzz word in the industry, BIM is continuously evolving to become a must-have for all progressive companies. We have recognized that need and developed our software solutions to help them better manage their information, improve their cooperation and achieve sustainability with full control of the building process – all through the use of BIM technology.”

BIMcrunch will have more information on coBuilder early next month when UK CEO, Nick Tune will be a guest on our Crunch Time audio interview series. Until that arrives, check out coBuilder’s brand-new website and Twitter account.

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