buildingSMART Canada announce free membership to “engage and connect BIM community”

Credit: buildingSMART
Credit: buildingSMART

The membership fee structure over at buildingSMART Canada has been scrapped as the group launch two new initiatives aiming to engage more Building Information Modelling professionals in Canada with their cause.

A press release was distributed explaining the change in tactic, a plan that will help “move the country towards open BIM”, that’s according to Bill Moore, Vice Chair of the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC).

“Our objective as buildingSMART Canada is to move the country towards open BIM. Therefore, we’re not focused on developing the buildingSMART business, we’re more focused on trying to get stakeholders engaged and move in that direction with BIM,” explained Bill.

“All the initiatives that we’re going to undertake are derived from our roadmap. What we do see is that we can influence and take ownership on several pieces of that roadmap, but we recognize that we’re a group of people and we need to be a much bigger group of people with all of the stakeholders represented to do this effectively. Those initiatives of buildingSMART Canada really need to be founded by the membership.”

The second new step taken for buildingSMART‘s Canadian division is with the launch of an affiliate initiative that will see them help connect local and regional BIM communities together and get them involved within national proceedings. buildingSMART is the project delivery wing of the IBC, and their Chair, Bob Hildenbrandt gave his thoughts on allowing more communities to connect. He said:

“We are very excited about this strategic change, and look forward to engaging with an even larger community of experts and those interested in seeing BIM and open BIM standards moved forward in a thoughtful and progressive way. One of the threats that we have as Canadians in the AECOO (architectural, engineering, construction, owner and operator) community, is that the rest of the world is aggressively moving in this direction. We’re at a point in time where there’s some potential risk here if we sit idle and continue to do business the way we do currently.

“The international communities are going to start expanding beyond their own borders. We’ve decided as buildingSMART Canada, we will attempt to create this call to action and get all the stakeholders engaged and moving in this direction in the absence of a single government body.”

Mr. Moore also called for the “lot of grassroots BIM organizations that have surfaces across Canada” with “a likeminded agenda” to utilise what buildingSMART can offer to “work in unison”.

Whilst the Canadian authorities have acknowledged that they are behind the rest of the world, it is very refreshing to see that they are wanting to catch up and ensure that their nation can compete on an international basis. Go Canada!

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