Build New York Live: Meet the Teams Part 3

Credit: Hudson Yards New
Credit: Hudson Yards New

Asite‘s cloud-based collaboration and interoperability competition Build New York Live commences later today, and BIMcrunch have more information and exclusive comments from the competitors.

Three teams hailing from the UK are in the spotlight this afternoon, Architechnique, BIM4SME Giants and Ryder Alliance.


BIM4SMEGiants are, as you may have guessed, all companies that help support the efforts of the BIM4SME industry group. Whilst they are confirmed to appear at Digital Construction Week also, BIM4SME have pressing matters taking place later, and their representatives for #BuildNYLive include BWB Consulting, Elliotwood Structural Engineers, Geraghty Taylor Architects, Kent County Council, Nunelah Design Consultants, RG Group, Riley Consulting, TP Professional Services, University of Westminster and ACO Technologies PLC.

Project roles in their team include Clients, Information Managers, Structural Engineers and Quantity Surveyors like their team captain, Andrew Turner of Riley Consulting.

On why they decided to enter the competition, the team told BIMcrunch: “Our objectives are to build awareness of BIM and help SMEs take part in the digital revolution. Our involvement in this competition will give other SME sized companies an opportunity to see that everyone has a part to play.”

Credit: Architechnique
Credit: Architechnique

Architechnique are a faction based at the University of Salford. They told us: “We are Architechniquѐ, a society formed in the Greater Manchester region at the University of Salford limiting to only members that are solely focused on perfecting in becoming an Architect/Technologist which single-mindedly study a variety of key skills and amplify a range of useful characteristics in design, communication, planning and purpose.

“This being the society’s 1st international competition, we hope to win and prove the capabilities of post-practice in collaboration and understanding of the fields in the construction industry, and to compete and win in more competitions to come in the future.”

Credit: i2C
Credit: i2C

The second team we are featuring today is Ryder Alliance, a trans-continental made up of Australia‘s i2C and SLR Global Consultants, Spain‘s Ravetllat Ribas and the United Kingdom’s BIM Academy, Cundall, Ryder Architecture, Summers Inman and Willmott Dixon. The team, captained by Sarah O’Connor, completed a Q&A with us.

– Who is your team made-up of and what will each team member bring to the table?

Ryder Architecture Ltd are keen to explore innovative technologies and virtual working within the recently formed Ryder Alliance. The team is led by Ryder Alliance, an entrepreneurial alliance employing research and advanced technologies to redefine architectural practice, consisting of BIM Academy, i2C, Ravetllat Ribas and Ryder Architecture Ltd, and other organisations including Cundall, SLR Global Consulting Ltd, Summers Inman, and Willmott Dixon Construction Ltd. The team ethos is built around learning and engagement beyond the principle project team.

Each team member excels in their own particular discipline and role, but Ryder Alliance will aim to integrate workflows and processes, develop synergy and deliver learning and outcomes that offer value beyond the competition.

– Why did you decide to enter Build New York Live? What excited you about the competition?

Why not? It’s a fantastic learning opportunity in a low risk environment. It’s essentially a multidisciplinary design playground. However, this is not just for the primary team and the judges, our approach will go beyond that. Our approach will provide the opportunity for everyone to at least observe, whether it be students and clients visiting our Newcastle base, or remote viewing through our live feed.

– What qualities does your team possess that you think will see you edge out the competition?

We have a good mix of youth and experience from industry and academia, providing innovative approaches with pragmatism and purpose.

– What are you hoping to get out of taking part in the competition?

We have asked our team that same question. I think we have our own little agendas behind the competition, whether it is to learn or make an impact with a stand out design; but in reality, I think the main outcome is making that bigger picture a whole lot clearer.

For more information on the competition, visit the official Build Earth Live website. You can also follow the action live using the #BuildNYLive hashtag.

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