Build New York Live high-level brief released

Credit: Build New York Live
Credit: Build New York Live

Build New York Live begins in just a few hours time and the brief has been revealed; the teams are off to Manhattan! Well, not literally.

The Build New York Live competitors will be tasked with creating one part of the proposed The Hudson Yards Redevelopment Project real-life venture. Whilst full details for the task in the contest are under wraps until the start time, organisers Asite have revealed that the competition entrants will be designing the Hudson Yards Sports Arena, helping create a vision for sports-based community outreach within the area.

But that is not all. The project teams must also model a Residential Tower slightly to the east, the design being sympathetic to the arena and other elements of Hudson Yard.

An arena and a tower block in just 48 hours – quite the task ahead! However, perhaps these designs could lead to being developed in actuality? Only time will tell.

We have so far featured four of the project teams as part of a ‘Meet the Teams‘ stream of content, and we can today disclose that 16 teams in total will be battling it out to prove their supremacy when it comes to Building Information Modelling, design and collaboration.

For more information on the competition, visit the official Build Earth Live website. You can also follow the action live using the #BuildNYLive hashtag.

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