#BIMANZ: “There could be an opportunity for Victoria to lead” development of BIM standards

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Credit: Bestvpn.com

The state government of Australian state Victoria believe that they could potentially be “able to play a leadership role” for the development of Building Information Modelling standards and guidelines within the country.

The Fifth Estate have examined a discussion paper issued by the local authority, which states that BIM, green buildings and prefabrication will be key to boosting the state’s construction productivity, and they hope to become “the nation’s centre of excellence in off-site construction both commercially and as a prefabrication skills centre”.

Whilst national Australian Government has not yet decided to enforce a mandate on BIM implementation thus far, many professionals have called for mandatory BIM to be ushered in. This state report also agrees, with Victorian officials confidently believing that they could “lead on this issue” due to major construction companies with necessary expertise being based in the community.

“Government may be able to play a role both as a champion of BIM, and working to establish standards and guidelines,” the paper explained. “There could be an opportunity for Victoria to lead on this issue as some major companies in this domain are based here.

“While mandating the use of BIM will provide governments with the capability to more effectively manage assets, it will also require new skills, processes and capabilities of its facility management to realise the full benefits.”

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We are pleased to see that a state government are committed and positive about the role that they could play in revolutionising their country’s AEC industries. It is so refreshing to read that Victoria understand both the benefits BIM can offer and the hard work needed to adopt it state-wide and nationwide. Evidence of Victoria knowing both sides of that coin is very exciting.

Victoria will be in the spotlight again tomorrow when the latest, sold-out MelBIM event takes place. More details on that can be found via this link.

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