BIM to be utilised on Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou successor

Credit: Espai Barcelona
Credit: Espai Barcelona

Details regarding the development of the successor to Barcelona FC’s Camp Nou stadium have been announced, and Building Information Modelling is at the heart of the project.

Espai Barcelona will be situated in the same space as the current 99,354 seat arena and will use part of the current skeleton of the building. According to Interempresas, the project will “comprehensively restructure the stadium” whilst also completely remodelling sister stadiums Palau Blaugrana and Miniestadi.

The BIM utilisation on ‘Espai Barça’ was elaborated upon at a special European BIM Summit Day event held by Spanish BIM conference brand, BIM Summit on September 22nd. David Cano, Project Coordinator of the Espai Barcelona told the delegates that due to Barcelona FC still needing to play at the stadium whilst work was on-going, this required efficient planning that “only the BIM could give us”.

Caro described the project as “a marathon” that will start in 2017 and take four years to complete. He also said that due to BIM implementation, savings of up to 20% will be made.

More information on BIM Summit and their smaller BIM Summit Days can be found via Twitter.

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