BIM playing “catalytic role” in Chinese building industrialisation

Render of the Xindu District Dafeng project.
Render of the Xindu District Dafeng project.

A new online report from the Sichuan News Network, China has taken a closer look at the utilisation of Building Information Modelling for a housing development in Sichuan’s capital of Chengdu.

Chengdu Xingcheng Group are piloting building industrialisation projects, housing models that are low cost and efficient to build, affordable to buy, environmentally sustainable with prefabrication at their core.

The trial project is located on Xindu District Dafeng Street and is a 520,000sqm plot. Each home’s inventory includes prefabricated outer structural walls, precast cladding panels, prefabricated structural walls, prefabricated interior wall panels and composite beams.

According to, the project will be completed 50% faster than typical developments elsewhere in Southwest China. BIM is pivotal to the efficient rate of progress required, and will be utilised for benefits such as “collision checking, virtual construction, engineering calculation and other applications, reducing the occurrence of error”.

The article also notes that BIM is playing a “catalytic role in the country”, this project being a prime example.

Once complete in 2018, 6,500 homes will be erected on the site, dwellings suited to low-income families of the community.

The source article (in Chinese) is located here should you wish to learn more.

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