Autodesk’s CIO: “BIM is the conduit to success in the era of connection”

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

The Chief Information Officer at Autodesk has confessed that whilst it’s not too late to start adopting Building Information Modelling processes within your business, “you are cutting it close”.

In a first-person piece published in CIO Review magazine, Jeff Brzycki stated that now is a historical time for the construction industry and those are yet to adopt need to start thinking about it: “If you are still dipping your toe in the BIM waters, it is time to step off the diving board. BIM is the conduit to success in the era of connection.”

His advice for fellow business CIOs (like him and the magazine’s target audience) is to get educated with BIM to take advantage of “a new age of rivalry” by overcoming what he believes are the three biggest technology-driven disruptions in the so-called “Era of Connection”: Changes in the Means of Production; Changes in the Nature of Demand of Construction Services; and Changes in Product.

“In your role as CIO, you have the unique ability to significantly impact how your company takes advantages of these opportunities, said Jeff. “Eventually these disruptions will become the norm, and construction firms that jumped ahead of them will be just that – ahead. Some on your team may be resistant to the type of change successful BIM adoption necessitates. It will be your job to drive this change and to increase adoption to use on all projects.”

Other BIM related articles in the September Construction Technology Special edition include thoughts from Autodesk’s Senior Vice President, Amar Hanspal and Brasfield & Gorrie‘s CIO, Christopher Kramer.

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