Autodesk: BIM “an invaluable tool” to manipulate large amounts of data

Credit: Autodesk
Credit: Autodesk

Construction Week Online have spoken with Autodesk Consulting’s Head of Middle East Operations, and he has praised BIM for facilities management.

Suhail Arfath was questioned on supertalls, a type of skyscraper more expensive to build due to necessary sturdier framing, extra on-site materials and additional seismic analysis. Arfath explained that with more complex projects like supertalls, the level of data that a Building Information Model can capture and house is the only solution for the management of such building types.

“The ability that BIM provides to design, construct and operate high tower virtually will prove to be an important instrument to increase productivity while at the same time improve the quality of work. Additionally, BIM will be valuable in developing more sustainable buildings and their related systems. As sustainable design becomes the standard and not the exception, BIM’s ability to capture and manipulate large amounts of data related to the built environment will prove to be an invaluable tool.”

Elaborating further on the importance of BIM for FM, Arfath said: “BIM has revolutionised building construction as it highly beneficial in pre-planning and design stages of a project. Moreover, the technology is useful in operation and maintenance of building services.

“Facilities professionals can connect their building models to a cloud-based system to help them manage space, plan maintenance and more. They can maintain a live integration between the building models and the system, allowing AEC and FM professionals to share information during design, construction and throughout the building lifecycle.”

Arfath also discusses specific Autodesk platforms, Navisworks and Revit, and how they enable planning, execution and maintenance of projects “more efficiently, quickly, sustainably and economically”. Certainly a great source to check out to understand a BIM process further.

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