Australia’s AMCA call for Government mandate

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Australia‘s Air Conditioning and Mechanical Contractors’ Association (AMCA) have called for increased awareness of Building Information Modelling in the country, suggest that the government should make BIM mandatory on their projects.

Sourceable reports that the AMCA have made a submission to the government explaining the potential of BIM and how it should be impacting their country’s AEC industry to help them reach the same levels of success as other countries in the global market.

The report notes that the AMCA proposal highlights the lack of BIM standards in Australia, a dearth that “is impeding the adoption of BIM by small and medium sized enterprises”. Explaining why standards are important, the submission states: “The fragmented and highly competitive nature of the sector has limited cooperation on standard development. Government is uniquely placed to facilitate the creation of industry standards by providing funding, endorsement, coordination services and industry leadership.

“Agreed industry standards will lower the costs of transition to BIM-enabled project delivery and promote more efficient and competitive markets.”

Specifically, AMCA think a mandate could initiate a surge of progression in the area. Their recommendation says: “A mandate is a preferred option because, as a major procurer of building and construction services, Government is able to influence the behaviour of industry via procurement processes to encourage broader adoption of BIM.”

AMCA’s viewpoint has been echoed by many professionals in the #BIMANZ region. Leigh Jasper, CEO of Aconex told BIMcrunch that he believes the Australian Government need to take a further step and issue a mandate. Bentley SystemsJohn Taylor is also of the same opinion whilst the state government of Victoria are also in agreement.

Read more highlights from AMCA’s submission by clicking here.

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