APS BIM4 Health and Safety Conference: Arup, Balfour Beatty, BIM2050 confirmed

Credit: Plowman Craven
Credit: Plowman Craven

Building Information Modelling implementation to enhance health and safety procedures will be the main focus on event taking place later this week.

The Association for Project Safety (APS) will host the APS BIM4 Health and Safety Conference on September 16th, a symposium that will take place at The Building Centre in London.

According to the conference listing, the event “will ​provide ​an ​invaluable ​industry ​update ​on ​the ​current ​BIM ​implementation ​and ​its ​benefits ​to ​managing ​health ​and ​safety ​within ​the ​UK ​construction ​industry”. Key topics include:

• Understanding ​BIM ​and ​the ​UK ​context
• How ​the ​industry ​are ​adopting ​BIM ​
• CDM ​2015 ​and ​its ​impact ​on ​BIM
• Tackling ​co ​ordination ​head ​on ​using ​BIM
• How ​value ​to ​H&S ​is ​derived ​through ​BIM
• What ​are ​the ​key ​issues ​relating ​to ​BIM ​and ​H&S ​co ​ordination
• Digital ​lifecycle ​asset ​delivery ​and ​management
• Moving ​beyond ​BIM ​– ​innovation ​and ​construction ​technologies

A wide range of professionals have been confirmed to take part in the event, including Arup‘s Peter Nicholas, Balfour Beatty‘s Scott Kerr, BIM2050‘s Bobby Chakravarthy and Neil Thompson (also of Balfour Beatty), Heriot Watt University‘s Frédéric Bosché, and Paul Lee of the National Grid.

In additional to all of the speeches and seminars, a virtual reality display will also take place. BIMcrunch have covered a variety of virtual reality stories relating to BIM as of late, and is great to see that a link will be made between VR and H&S on Wednesday.

Registration for the event is £70 including VAT. More information about how to sign-up for the conference can be found here.

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