Anne Kemp talks 2016 mandate: “We must develop a holistic understanding of both our physical and virtual worlds”

Credit: BaseStone
Credit: BaseStone

Anne Kemp, Director of BIM Strategy and Development at Atkins has stressed the importance of knowing both our physical and virtual worlds inside out when it comes to Building Information Modelling projects.

Kemp, who is also Vice Chair of buildingSMART UK, spoke with French publication Ingenierie & Projets about the imperative nature of understanding how digital data should be used to inform better decision making.

“We must develop a holistic understanding of the operation of both our physical and virtual worlds,” explained Kemp. “Understanding how digital data can and should inform better decision making is also important, through the whole life cycle of projects – and into integrated operation and maintenance.”

Anne gave out more advice, suggesting that industry needs to better understand the development of international data standards. She continued: “Another key factor is understanding why and how international open standards should be developed, and how data should be created, developed and managed in a way that ensures that it is reliable and secure. We must be able to facilitate data exchange and to understand why and how ownership and accountability for data and decision making is important.

“We should also understand how to deal with security, how to enable access and interpretation of data and be aware of the opportunities for innovation. Finally, it is vital to understand the nature of, and how to integrate, different datasets – including in the longer term the internet of things.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Anne puts over buildingSMART‘s main missions, talks BIM training for young graduates and whether the UK‘s industry is ready for the 2016 mandate. Click here to read the entire interview.

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