AIA’s Banks shares BIM advice: “BIM isn’t just visualization. It’s extracting and sharing information”

Credit: American Institute of Architects
Credit: American Institute of Architects

“BIM can offer so much more than just time savings, and the value of BIM increases with communication. It’s up to us to start the conversation and begin asking questions.”

That is the opinion of Jared Banks, member of the American Institute of Architects, and we certainly agree with him!

Banks had his advice published to the website of hardware distributors Lowe’s in the hope that contractors will take his words of wisdom on-board so that they can also reap all of the positives that reveal themselves as a result of BIM adoption.

The Seattle-based architect’s main mission was to ensure that those reading knew how to best extract value from the model. He wrote: “What would be ideal is for you to learn to think in BIM — to understand how you can extract value from the model. It is beneficial to all of us for you to see why having BIM on your team is an asset. You don’t need to know how to model a wall in ArchiCAD or Revit. You just need to know what we can do with that wall.”

Jared also explains that when engaging with architects, contractors should be able to ask to see the model from various angles and what it would look like at various time of the day: “Thirty years ago if an architect showed you a watercolor elevation, you wouldn’t ask him or her to see the view again from a different angle or a different time of day. But in 2015 if you see a rendering, you should know you can ask for it from any angle, time of day, etc. If the architect is using BIM properly, the answer will be, “Sure, let me press some buttons and get back to you in a little bit”.

“But of course BIM isn’t just about visualization. It’s about extracting and sharing information.”

Read the entirety of Jared Banks’ guidance here. Make sure to follow him on Twitter too to continue the conversation!

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