WATCH – The B1M explain Top 10 BIM acronyms in new video

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

Wednesday has rolled on by once again and Tom Payne of The B1M is back in-front of the camera for a brand new video.

This week, the channel has posted a video looking at the Top 10 BIM-related acronyms, with explanations for all. Acronyms can appear confusing for professionals just starting their BIM journey, so this video clip will be of great use to new starters in the industry.

Terms such as MIDP, PIM, and BEP are featured in the informative clip, and no, the latter term does not stand for The Black Eyed Peas! An easy mistake to make however…

Fred Mills, one of The B1M’s Co-Founders spoke to us about the easily-digestible format for the video. He stated:

“There are some excellent glossaries of BIM terms available, but we wanted to create a fun and easily digestible video format. We’ve deliberately steered clear of heavy technical wording with this to try and make it more accessible for people. You only have 8 seconds to engage your audience on YouTube and they’ll typically only watch for 45 minutes. The countdown format is great for viewer retention.”

Watch the video for yourself below to see which term tops the list.

What countdown lists would you like to see The B1M make in the future?

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