WATCH – #SocialBIM Episode 6: “Conversations: People Will Talk” released

Credit: The B1M
Credit: The B1M

The latest episode of Su Butcher and The B1M‘s #SocialBIM was released earlier today.

The second episode of Season 2 – and sixth episode in total – sees presenter Su Butcher discuss how social media can be perfect for allowing members of a BIM project team to educate themselves on a skill or responsibility that they or no-one within their company possesses or can fill.

The Just Practising social strategist explains: “When construction companies first discovered social media, they also tried to control the conversation by banning social media platform use at work. But there’s a problem here because the companies that do this are at a commercial disadvantage.

“What if you’re trying to find out about an area of expertise where there isn’t any in-house? Social media is actually a very efficient way of doing that. What about if you want to learn about something using a series of YouTube videos? What you have got is a very frustrating and difficult rule that is just making it more difficult for you to do your job.”

Watch the full clip below.

Episode 3 of 4 for the second series of #SocialBIM will arrive next Wednesday. Until then, learn more about The B1M and Su Butcher over at their official websites: The B1M | Just Practising

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