WATCH – Kier release Crossrail Farringdon Station case study video

Credit: Kier
Credit: Kier

Construction group Kier have released a new video featuring testimonials relating to their implementation of Building Information Modelling on a train station that will be part of London’s ambitious Crossrail development.

Farringdon Station will receive a makeover courtesy of Kier that will allow it to connect to the new Crossrail infrastructure currently nearing completion underneath the UK‘s capital.

“One of the key benefits that I am beginning to see is the increased visualisation that BIM gives us,” explained Crossrail’s Project Field Engineer, Matt Deeks. “With such a project such as Crossrail, and at Farringdon with the many interfaces that we have to deal with, and such an involved client, the increased visualisation helps the client understand and helps the approval process.”

Andy Radley, Kier’s Group BIM Director also commented, stating: “We believe BIM can give us an entry point into any part of the project lifecycle, be that invest, be that maintain, be that operate, or be that renew.

“What we really want to do is to take BIM, and take that through to the operational phase of the building. We see that as one of our key strategies in Kier in terms of the services we can offer our clients. I firmly believe that as a business, BIM is a key part of our deliverable.”

Watch the case study below featuring opinion from more professionals involved in the Crossrail – Farringdon Station project.

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