WATCH – Bluebeam and Skellenger Bender talk legal implications of BIM deliverables

Credit: Bluebeam Software
Credit: Bluebeam Software

PDF collaboration and sharing experts Bluebeam Software have released a new video as part of their Digital COM series hosted by Sasha Reed.

Filmed at BIMForum in California, United States back in late-April, Bluebeam’s V.P of Strategic Alliance spoke with Skellenger Bender‘s Lindsey Pflugrath, an Attorney with specialist BIM knowledge.

Reed probes Pflugrath on how legal counsel can aid collaborative innovation between project team members utilising BIM. Pflugrath replied: “On a collaborative project, especially a multi-party agreement, there are certain risk management provisions that we don’t use or that we heavily modify. If you are coming at those projects with the traditional mentality, it can cause some real disruption within the project team and sometimes you can’t get past the contract negotiation phase.

“It is really important on projects like that that we [legal representatives] consider ourselves advocates for our clients but also as part of the process of understanding the risks presented by that project and managing them in a way that allows there to be some cohesiveness in the team.”

Discussing BIM as a deliverable, Lindsey states in the clip: “I think we have to assume that its [BIM’s] use is going to increase in some way or another. You have to plan for that. Start to implement internal quality controls, so you understand how you are going to manage a model that is as dynamic as a Building Information Model. I think it is as much internal as it is external in terms of whether BIM is going to be adopted successfully.”

View the highly informative visual below.

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