Steven Hunt: “No-one is ready” for 2016 BIM Level 2 mandate

Credit: Liverpool Echo
Credit: Liverpool Echo

The Managing Director of an M&E engineering company believes a negatively “astounding”, industry-wide lack of progress has been made towards achieving BIM Level 2 on projects in the UK before 2016, describing preparations as “haphazard”.

Steven Hunt of Steven Hunt & Associates has scribed a blog for Modern Building Services, and he thinks that not only is “the building-services sector is still not ready for full implementation” of Level 2 BIM, as a matter of fact, “no-one is ready”!

“With the BIM targets looming in 2016, the construction sector is now hurtling towards the inevitable with the kind of panic you’d expect from a high-school student cramming for an exam.

“The good news is that the urgency with which the construction sector is addressing the practical realities of BIM has stepped up a gear. The bad news is that levels of BIM readiness still vary, and all too often too much emphasis is put on the use of BIM software alone with too little is invested in the collaborative working, early engagement and common working practices that truly lie at the heart of a BIM-based approach to project delivery.”

Furthermore, Hunt believes that the building services sector is tailor made to adopt BIM due to their way of working. However, the realignment of skills sometimes brought upon by a BIM process is not supported enough, says Hunt.

He elaborated: “Culturally, building services engineers are used to working collaboratively both with the upstream architectural team and the downstream installation team — which should be making it relatively straightforward for the sector to adapt.

“At odds with our cultural readiness to embrace BIM though is the fact that BIM fundamentally challenges the traditional roles and responsibilities within a building-services consultancy. What’s more, there has been no definitive response — either from the sector or from training providers — to realigning existing skills and knowledge with the demands of new technology and processes.”

Steve’s thoughts are a fascinating read and can be found in full by clicking here.

BIMcrunch recently covered the story on Steven Hunt & Associates’ IMRI suite project for Walton Centre Hospital.

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