Rob Charlton: “The push for accreditation, certification [and standardisation] is causing paralysis”

Rob Charlton 8

Space Group‘s Chief Executive has called for Building Information Modelling professionals to stop being so occupied with accreditation, certification and standardisation and “accept that no individual organisation owns a BIM standard” and face the fact that “the reality is nobody should own them”.

In a blog posted on bimstore in the wake of the release of their 13th bimstore bible revision, Rob Charlton has stated that “the current land grab for who owns certification, accreditation and standards is not healthy” and he would “rather we used words such as collaboration and innovation” instead of accreditation and certification. He blogged:

“Many decision makers in construction today are Baby Boomers or Generation X. They come from an era where professional bodies were dominant and a certified badge was all-important. This was a very one-dimensional world which moved at a very slow pace. We are now in the Information Age and things are moving quickly. We need frameworks and guides, not certification and accreditation. The push for accreditation and certification is scaring and confusing the Baby Boom leaders of organisations. This fear is dangerous as it is causing paralysis and stops progress.

“It seems that the construction establishment are all vying to be the accepted standard for BIM, whether this is for object production or for information management. This type of thinking takes me back to the days when I used a drawing board and Rotring pen. It is Baby Boom thinking based on fear and control.

“The truth is that nobody owns these standards. They have been, and are being, developed by the industry. The reality is nobody should own them – is there another industry where private companies own the standards?”

Rob also discusses worked done by the likes of BIM4M2 to aid collaboration, not naming the bimstore bible a “standard”, and more. Click here to read the entirety of Rob’s thoughts on the subject.

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