Regional BIM Hubs’ John Eynon: BIM a “lever to unlocking a better way of working”

Credit: BIM Task Group
Credit: BIM Task Group

In a new blog post posted to the Digital Construction Week website, representative of the Regional BIM Hubs, John Eynon has described BIM as “the greatest transformation [for the construction industry] since the first industrial revolution”.

Eynon believes that the concepts being discussed as part of a BIM process aren’t ground-breaking or revolutionary, yet the application of them in-conjunction with one another certainly will be. He wrote:

“Let’s face it the concepts we’re talking about it in BIM are old news. Nicholas Negroponte was positing this stuff in the 70’s. It is just that our industry is slow to innovate, risk averse, highly competitive with low margins. Not necessarily a fertile ground for the greatest transformation since the first industrial revolution.

“For me the biggest driver for this change lies outside our industry. We only have to look around. Our lives have been digital for years. Look at your finances, Internet and email, texting, social media – all of this leaves a digital footprint accessible to anyone with the right tools and processing power.

“BIM adoption is not the answer to every industry ill but it’s a lever to unlocking a better way of working, a more connected and responsive industry, more efficient, and digitally enabled.”

John’s blog post follows the statement released by the Regional BIM Hubs that shared an update on what they will deliver in the run-up to 2016 and beyond, including revealing details of their presence at DCW 2015.

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