Money saving with BIM: “The UAE’s economy could be better off by as much as $5-10bn”

Credit: Stockvault
Credit: Stockvault

A new online article focusing on the utilisation of Building Information Modelling in the United Arab Emirates has looked dramatic cost savings that could arise thanks to BIM adoption.

ME Construction News have pondered the influence BIM will have on the UAE’s ever-increasing level of construction activity, and they believe that the work could be done much smarter.

“By using BIM, the UAE’s economy could be better off by as much as $510bn (a 1020% saving on construction projects) and have a digitally empowered sustainable infrastructure and environment. Can we choose to ignore this and not take any action?”

Whilst the industry can try and take action, the article notes that without the direction of the Government to lead the way, the UAE could struggle to realise BIM’s true potential: “The key to making most of BIM remains the government leading the way on its implementation; the availability of well-trained, knowledgeable professionals (including client organisations, government departments and municipalities); and the resolve to effectively use the available technology and innovation to improve the construction industry, and hence the environment in the UAE.”

Read the entire article here.

What are your thoughts on this story? Do you think a Government have to get behind BIM for a country to enjoy major adoption success?

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