John Eynon talks collaboration: Have we in fact created our own silos within BIM?

Logo Credit: SE BIM Hub
Logo Credit: SE BIM Hub

Building Information Modelling is a collaborative solution to the various silos created with the AEC industry. Various project teams are a combination of organisations who do not make life easy for one another in the slightest as they showcase a lack of communication amongst themselves. Whilst BIM is all about building bridges these businesses, have we in fact created a reflection of the problem we are trying to combat?

That is a question raised by John Eynon, Chair of the South East BIM Hub in his latest blog. He writes: “We have Hubs, BIM4s, the communities and other groups, all doing great work.

“But… then haven’t we created a mirror image of the very industry we’re trying to change for the better?

“As various groups and organisations promoting the BIM agenda, we are fragmented, we don’t collaborate enough, and we don’t speak with one voice. We have created BIM silos and tribes. Wait! Hold on… wasn’t that what we’re supposed to change?”

John’s perspective is certainly an interesting and thought-provoking one. He has called for industry professionals not to use their “tremendous influence and power” on creating a new industry group or institute, and to use it to expand the BIM network “to the leaders of the industry and across all disciplines and sectors”.

“Whatever our banner, tribe or group, we need to reach out, and find ways to work together,” elaborated John. “I think this is now a mission imperative – we have to.

“Don’t wait! Be first. Make the move. Take the initiative. Accentuate the positive. Reach out.”

Read the entire blog post here. Follow John on Twitter – @56JONTS.

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