Exclusive: bimstore announced as sponsor for fourth edition of The B1M Mail

Credit: bimstore and The B1M
Credit: bimstore and The B1M

Building Information Modelling video channel The B1M have shared details with us exclusively regarding the sponsorship for the upcoming fourth edition of their The B1M Mail publication.

The only BIM newspaper in the world, The B1M Mail is sent to over 3,000 professionals across six continents and features editorial pieces, the latest news, information regarding upcoming events, and of course, the ever-popular BIM Crossword.

Sponsoring the next issue is the UK‘s original BIM library and content creation platform, bimstore. The company certainly have a lot to discuss due to their stance as manufacturer-specific content providers, creators of the bimstore Bible set of standards, and their recent launch in the United States.

“The B1M Mail is a global publication and we always love to work with global partners. We’ve collaborated with both Autodesk and Exactal in the past and with their US launch this summer, bimstore are very much in the same league,” explained Co-Founder of The B1M, Fred Mills. “They’re a pleasure to work with and the publication is looking… well, pretty awesome.”

Providing comment from the bimstore camp, the business’ Marketing Coordinator, Joanna Marshall explained that bimstore are proud to work alongside the “inspiring and engaging” video portal: “bimstore are proud to sponsor the next issue of The B1M Mail. With their inspiring and engaging video content, The B1M have proved themselves to be an extremely valuable resource for all things BIM and we’re excited to be a part of this unique publication and to be able to showcase bimstore and what we have to offer to their global readership.”

The B1M's Founder, Fred Mills. Credit: The B1M
The B1M’s Co-Founder, Fred Mills. Credit: The B1M

You may wonder as to why a very modern video platform like The B1M also produce an accompanying newspaper. For those intrigued by The B1M Mail’s origins, Fred explained to us the reason why it is an integral piece of The B1M’s output:

“Creating a hard copy publication about the digital age might seem like madness. But if we’re going to take our industry digital then we need to reach out to people in the analogue world; the people that aren’t on social media, who don’t use YouTube. The paper is the perfect complement to our core video channel.”

Issue 4 of The B1M Mail is scheduled for a September release date, and the digital copy can be downloaded exclusively via BIMcrunch. To learn more about distribution, see below.

Digital Copy:

• You can obtain a digital copy right here on BIMcrunch when the paper lands in mid-September or by looking out for the freely shared link on the BIMcrunch and The B1M social media channels.

Hard Copy:

• You can subscribe for the hard copy by joining The B1M. Existing members can opt into The B1M Mail or update their address details by logging into their accounts. Hard copy subscribers are automatically emailed a digital copy in any case.

• Hard copies will also be available through The B1M’s distribution partners and at selected industry events around the world. Copies will be available in the Built Environment departments of Loughborough, Brighton and Westminster Universities in the UK.

BIMcrunch will have more developments relating to The B1M Mail’s next edition in the coming weeks.

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