Electrical Contractors’ Association comment further on BIM survey with CIBSE

Credit: ECA
Credit: ECA

The Electrical Contractors’ Association (ECA) have discussed their BIM readiness survey conducted with CIBSE further in new comments provided to Construction Enquirer.

We covered the release of the questionnaire earlier this month, questioning that will assess the BIM competency, confidence and readiness to adhere to the UK Government’s 2016 mandate of the building services sector.

ECA Director of Business Services, Paul Reeve has issued further comments on the survey, which will run until September 15th, 2015. He said: “It’s great news that the building and engineering services sector is showing such support for the ‘BIM readiness’ survey.

“We are asking as many respondents as possible tell us how they are getting on with BIM, and what they are planning to do next. “It’s vital that we understand how ‘BIM ready’ the sector is. We also expect clients and top tier contractors to be interested because construction will need considerable BIM capability from our sector, for BIM to take off.”

Reeve elaborated that the results will be shared with the Government: “The results will be shared with the government and the wider industry when they are in. We urge anyone who is involved in, or with, building engineering services to complete the survey.”

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