CITA Founder discusses launch of Regional BIM Hub trio

Credit: CITA
Credit: CITA

One of the Founders of the Republic of Ireland‘s Construction IT Alliance has commented on the formation of their three new Regional BIM Hubs, factions that will join the 11 currently set up in Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Alan Hore shared his views on the matter with Irish Building Magazine, and he praised the enthusiasm that CITA BIM Group members have shown in setting up the three new hubs.

CITA’s efforts to push BIM adoption in Ireland were recently recognised by the BIM Task Group, who decided to officially welcome their professionals to introduce a trio of new hubs into the fold: the CITA Eastern Ireland BIM Hub; the CITA Western Ireland BIM Hub; and the CITA Southern Ireland BIM Hub. The Chairs/Champions appointed to run those groups have been revealed, and can be viewed here.

“The hubs have really followed the BIM4 Communities Group in the UK,” said Hore. “There are 11 hubs set up in the UK and NI following an initiative from the UK Construction Industry Council which was to spread the message that the industry needed to get ready for the BIM mandate.

“Each region will need to reach out to regional needs and activities thus they may operate differently but with a common purpose. CITA don’t want to dictate how exactly the regional hubs will work but certainly there is enthusiasm to set them up and to spread the new that BIM is here, here to stay and will in the long run make our industry leaner and fitter to respond to clients’ needs. We also want them to develop case studies and perhaps help businesses locally with queries and advice.”

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